Dates and Times

See Snow White – The Sequel at the Powerhouse Theatre:
December 2 at 8pm
December 3 at 2:30pm
December 4 at 2:30pm
December 9 at 8pm
December 10 at 2:30pm
December 11 at 2:30pm

Snow White – The Sequel

By Susan Vesey

Produced by Special Arrangement with Lazy Bee Scripts



In this jolly pantomime we discover what has happened to Snow White since we last saw her twenty years ago. She has married her true love the King of Bislania and they are living happily together with their four children. However, their happiness is threatened by the return of the Wicked Queen Elvira who has spent 20 years collecting all the broken pieces of the Magic Mirror. Can Muddles the jester and his mother Dame Neffertiti enlist the help of the dwarves and the fairies to thwart her evil plan? Of course they can, this is a pantomime and all the necessary ingredients of corny jokes, lots of action and audience participation take us on our way to a happy ending.



Director: Patrick Kiley
Producer: Sheri Dean
Music Director: Ken Knox
Stage Manager: Meredith Bihl
Costume Designer: Gwen Bihl


Snow White: Shannon Riccio
King Caspian Sr.: Mickey Mallardi
Prince Caspian Jr.: William Tedjo
Prince Kevin: Christopher Conte
Princess Kendall: Alexis Taylor
Princess Kylie: Grace Dower
Chancellor: Linda Simon
Muddles: Kellen Schult
Fairy Shanklin: Marcia Cummings Vinci
Nurse Nefertiti: Stephen DiRocco
Bossy: Jonathan David
Lazy: Peyton Straubel
Brainy: Aine Stevens
Snooty: Antonia Kolb
Stingy: James Avery
Weepy: Terry LeBel
Tiny: Ed Donahue
Elvira: Anya Caravella
Ed: Ava Sabloff
Jed: Tim Cronin
Queen Fairy: Christine Mallardi
Fairy Thistledown: Lily Breitfelder
Mirror: TBD